CSS3 with its possibilities is a revolution in web development. The new CSS3 properties give developers a wonderful chance to enhance their designs in a way thats quick and easy, yet visually impressive. Whats more, almost all of the major browsers now support most of the CSS3 features so thats another reason for mastering the [...]

With the advent of much improved browsers, text rendering and high-resolution screens, technology is no longer an excuse for poor typography. In many ways typography can be elegant and an expression of the designers ideas when chosen wisely. Today I will not only present you with guidelines to consider in mastering typography for the web, [...]

Earlier this year we described how to secure your Gmail account with 2-step verification. Facebook has recently launched a similar security feature called Login Approvals and in this article I will describe how to enable it. Introduction Login Approvals is a security feature that requires two-factor authentication from the user before access is permitted. This [...]

Email is the centre of most peoples online identity and if it gets hacked it can have devastating consequences. Ensuring that your email account is secure is of paramount importance, however simply using a password is not always enough. Many Banks use a device which auto-generates a verification code as a second tier of security. [...]

Facebook has dominated the Web with its LIKE button. Theres no way that Google will like that. So it is not surprising to see Google release a new feature +1? (pronounced Plus One) to fight back. With this +1? feature, you can now put a vote to the search result and let your friends know [...]

  These websites are included with white and black colour combination. The B&W combination is great, from photography to interior design. Its simplistic, elegant, and gets out of the way to let the content shine. Seymourpowell Sven Stuckenschmidt Adkiivi Tirato Visualboxsite Falcon Motorcycles iA Rob Schellenberg Blake Allen Design Arnaud Beelen Master Grinding We are [...]

All websites require their contents to showcase in a very professional way. Since it is very difficult for a single person or team to do it by himself/herself, they look for help in designing and maintaining the websites. This is where the importance of CMS systems props up. These systems are not only helping to [...]

Agility Agility CMS is a mid-market, ASP.Net based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Web CMS. The browser-based system has WYSIWYG content editing, staging and published modes, multi-language support, publishing workflow, flexible security, multi-site management, content scheduling, content syndication and more. Agility can be implemented internally using the Agility Framework and accompanying documentation, or you can work with our [...]